VOC Diagnoctics welcome Lotta Tollstoy Tegler as CEO

VOC Diagnostics appoints Lotta Tollstoy Tegler as CEO after one year as regualtory affairs manager.  The VOC Diagnostics team thank Jan-Erik Hedborg and wish him good luck in his new adventures.


VOC Diagnostics awarded 3 MSEK grant from Vinnova

VOC Diagnostics has together with Linköping University and Region Skåne in strong competition been awarded a 3 MSEK grant from Vinnova (Swedish Innovation Agency). The grant will be used to develop a demonstrator for research use to the clinical laboratories in 2025. This will allow interaction with our customers and generate clinical data for CE approval. In addition, the pivotal multi-centre study will start in second half 2025. The instrument for diagnostic use is targeted to be introduced in 2026. "The award is a recognition of our solution for early detection of ovarian cancer which we are very proud of" says Jan Erik Hedborg, CEO.


VOC Diagnostics awarded prestigious grant

VOC Diagnostics has together with Linköping University been awarded a prestigious 350,000 USD grant from Vinnova and U.S. National Science Foundation. The project includes 3 other U.S. partners and will be finalised within one year. VOC Diagnostics will contribute with knowhow related to its unique technical platform for early detection of ovarian cancer. The grant will allow further technical development of the company’s platform towards a planned market introduction in 2026. Linköpings University, which is already a collaboration partner to VOC Diagnostics since 2021, will contribute with its strong knowhow and technical skill related to sensor technology and electronic nose (odour measurement and analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds) based on deep-learning. The grant program includes a second phase in which the project consortiums can apply for a 5 MUSD grant.  ”This projects allow us to take our platform to the next level and at the same time opens up for new opportunities through the collaboration with our US partners” says Jan Erik Hedborg, the company’s CEO.  


VOC Diagnostics shortlisted at NLSDays 2023

VOC Diagnostics is shortlisted as one of 30 young high-potential life science companies to compete in the Nordic Stars pitch competition at Nordic Life Science Days (NLSDays) 2023. These up-and-coming companies will vie for prestigious awards and the chance to woo investors on stage at the event in Copenhagen on November 29-30. A company pitch will be presented by the company´s CEO, Jan Erik Hedborg in Copenhagen on November 29th.


VOC Diagnostics secures 4,2 MSEK funding

VOC Diagnostics (provider of early-stage ovarian cancer detection) has been awarded a 1,9 MSEK grants from Vinnova and 2,4 MSEK from existing and new shareholders. The funding will be used to continue technical development, conduct a clinical pilot study (250 patients) including other cancer types, and starting product development, which also includes preparations for CE approval of the instrument. The plan is to launch the instrument on the market early 2026.


New board members in VOC Diagnostics

Catharina Lagerstam was elected new chairman at the General Meeting 2023, she has extensive experience from the financial market and has several board assignments in SME companies. Kinga Kinnunen was elected as board member replacing György Horvath who retires from the board. Nils Crona, Klaus Gottwald and Gustav Notander were re-elected as board members. Jan Erik Hedborg is continuing as the company´s CEO. Mona Wilcke leaves the board upon own request.


VOC Diagnostics presents revised performance figures

The clinical data reported in January 2023 has been further processed and the analysis of VOCs revealed positive results in 76 out of 79 ovarian cancer and borderline ovarian tumor patients, yielding a sensitivity of 96.2% (95% confidence interval [CI] 89.3 – 99.2%). Out of the healthy controls 23 were negative and 3 showed positive results (specificity 88.5 % 95 % CI 69.91 – 97.6 %). Positive predicted value 96.2 % (95 CI: 88.7 - 98.7%) and accuracy of 94.3 % (95 % CI: 88.0 - 97.9 %).

The results will be published in scientific publications and presented at international events later 2023.


VOC Diagnostics achieves higher detection level of ovarian cancer

After a technical audit and improvement of the company's unique instruments for early detection of ovarian cancer and tests of over 100 cancer and control samples, we achieve 97.7% sensitivity and 94.7% specificity, which is higher compared to the original measurements published in 2018.  We have also built up more knowledge about simplifications and improvements in future versions of the instrument.
The next step is continued technical development, conducting a clinical pilot study, and starting product development, which also includes preparations for CE approval of the instrument. The plan is to launch the instrument on the market early 2026.


VOC Diagnostics moves into new offices at Karolinska

Last month VOC Diagnostics moved into a new office at A Working Lab Innomedicum. It's located at the heart of Karolinska Institutet, Campus Solna, and is a great co-working environment for Life Science innovations and start-ups.


VOC Diagnostics raises 4.8M SEK

VOC Diagnostics are very happy to announce that Almi Invest, STOAF III together with private investors, are investing in the company. The money will contribute to continued clinical studies, further product development and preparation for CE-marking.


Linda Spahiu recruited as new CEO

We are happy to welcome Linda Spahiu as CEO. Linda has broad experience from the Life Science industry. She holds a M.Sc. in engineering and biotechnology from KTH and a Ph.D. in enzymology from Karolinska Institutet.


We welcome Dr. Nils Crona from Sahlgrenska University Hospital to the Board

The company's Board of Directors is strengthened with additional medical skills. We welcome Dr. Nils Crona from Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Nils Crona, MD, is an obstetritian and gynecologist, subspecialized in gynecological tumor surgery. He has many years of management and leadership experience in health care, from head of operation to hospital manager, in university health care, county health care and primary care.

Currently Nils is Head of the Obstetrics division at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. He holds ongoing board assignments within Helsa AB and CollaboDoc AB. He is Chairman of the NHS, Network for Health Care, and EpiLife - Center for Epidemiological Research at the University of Gothenburg.

Events (please contact us for more details)

Meet us at Eurosensors 2023 in Lecce, Italy, September 10 – 13:

Electronic Nose for Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
  • Abstract: We present an electronic nose that detects ovarian cancer based on gas emissions from blood plasma. There is currently no test available for screening or diagnostic testing of this disease, which therefore is often detected in a late stage, resulting in a poor prognosis. Our approach correctly detected 85 out of 87 ovarian cancers, ranging from borderline to stage IV.
  • POSTER SESSION DAY 3 from Wed, September 13, 2023 14:30 CEST until 16:30

Meet us at ESGO 2023 Congress (Istanbul) September 28 – October 1, 2023

Meet us at IGCS 2023 Annual Global Meeting (Seoul), November 5-7, 2023